Jimmy The Argentine

Born in Argentina and arriving in Australia with my immediate family at the age of two, I enjoyed a good Aussie upbringing along with all the benefits this amazing country has to offer. One thing I recall my parents always talking about was the lack of good Argentine products available in Australia. 

In the 80s I returned to Argentina as a 15 year old and Buenos Aires was humming - there were good food options everywhere and available at all times. I recall being at restaurants lined up outside waiting for a table at midnight! Family gatherings that started before lunch and carried on into the early hours of the morning were also very common occurrences, centred around food of course. 

Returning to Australia in 2002 I found a whole new world. It became apparent that Australia had caught up and, even to the point where arriving at a restaurant at 8pm wasn't frowned upon! Cuisines from all over the world were here to be experienced and a wide array of products were available for purchase from selected deli's, specialty stores and even supermarkets. 

My love of food and entertaining, particularly around a bbq with friends, some good slabs of meat, a charcoal chook, a Malbec or two with a choripan or empanada to boot, prompted me to look at some of my favourite ingredients, products & spices and therein Jimmy The Argentine was born. 

Come on the journey with me and explore Argentina in Australia.

For those asking why Jimmy? Quite simple, Santiago, my name, is translated as James so it was only fitting that there be a bit of both on this trip.