Jimmy's Starter Pack
Jimmy's Starter Pack
Jimmy's Starter Pack
Jimmy's Starter Pack
Jimmy's Starter Pack
Jimmy's Starter Pack
Jimmy The Argentine

Jimmy's Starter Pack

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**Contains 4 full size jars**

Looking for versatility in the kitchen or at the BBQ? Need a unique gift for your foodie friend?

Jimmy's Starter Pack is the perfect option. Not only will it bring new life to your meals but the conversations you'll have around the flavours will be awesome!

What's in the box?

4 Jars of YUM!

1 x Chimichurri 1 x Provenzal 1 x Smoky Patagonia 1 x Chimichurri Picante 


Chimichurri and Chimichurri Picante:

You can fall in love with Jimmy’s Chimichurri or Chimichurri Picante at any time of day. Add it to your morning eggs to wake yourself up with flavour or add it to your meat cuts, sausages and chorizos to end the day on a high note.

This versatile mix can be used as a rub or sauce on meat, veggies or anything else you need to add a dash of Argentine flavour to! The Picante has an extra KICK for those who like it hot!


Make weeknights fun again with my Provenzal mix! Provenzal can be used as a dry rub or sauce to turn boring chicken drumsticks into a new family favourite or toss the sauce through a bowl of fries. 

Smoky Patagonia:

Bursting with flavour, Smoky Patagonia is the perfect booster for your pizza sauce or bolognaise or used as a delectable dry rub on beef, lamb, chicken, or fish and it’s the ultimate boom on pork ribs. This blend is a carefully curated mix of premium herbs and spices created to make your dishes sing.

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