Smoked Patagonia Mix + Fresh Snapper

“Fresh whole snapper” YES! I’ve never done a whole fish the bounty supplied by my brother in law Luke was shared amongst familia. Gathering takes a bit of effort, there is work involved but the reward of hanging out and doing life together far outweighs that stuff. Why not challenge yourself to have someone over this week?
Please check out the video of the cook: (watch video) and see the ingredients below
🐟 snapper
Used: Jimmy’s Smoked Patagonia Mix + lemon + salt + onion

Jimmy's Tip: I learnt from chef David Lovett that if I don't want meat/fish/chicken sticking to the foil and losing the the spices and rubs used I should scrunch up some grease paper / baking paper and wet it and layer that before the foil.

Remember to (watch video)

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