Pork Ribs + Butterflied leg of Lamb


This was a memorable cook as we celebrated the Baptism of our friends Michael & Jo. The lunch consisted of a butterflied leg of lamb + Pork Ribs. The prep for the lamb was quite simple I mixed rock salt (pink) + some rosemary from the garden + a chopped clove of garlic all into the spray bottle and then added warm water. I then sprayed both sides of the lamb as it cooked with the mix in 15-20 intervals. As for the pork ribs I first removed the membrane on the bone side (watch the video) and proceeded to cover it with my Smoked Patagonia Mix approximately 15 minutes before pulling the ribs on I brushed a good layer of maple syrup on the meat side of the ribs and flipped them....DELIGHTFUL result.

Make sure you watch the video

Happy cooking 


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